Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"Our green and pleasant land - yeah right!"

Burnt out cars - not an uncommon sight
I live down a single track lane, nearly a mile from my nearest neighbour - and yet most mornings there is some sort of rubbish to pick up, ranging from a simple crisp packet to the full blown contents of a tipper truck. 

So I for one am pleased to see that the NFU has just launched the latest strand to the "Love your Countryside" campaign, highlighting the issues of fly-tipping on farms.

In England alone during 2012/13 there were 711,000 incidents of fly-tipping with a case occurring every 44 seconds. It’s estimated around two thirds of farmers are affected by fly-tipping. 

Items that are routinely dumped include old fridges, chairs, mattresses, tyres and contaminated waste, with farmers and landowners then left to pay the clean-up bill. 

A previous study revealed the cost of clearing fly-tipped waste from agricultural land was around £47m. 

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Almost every gateway seems to have some sort of rubbish dumped there

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