Sunday, 7 September 2014

A particularly "buzzy" Sunday morning!

Some of the Hornet catch!
 You might well imagine that there could not be a gentler, more relaxing pastime, than setting a moth trap over-night and then sitting down with a cup of coffee in the morning, to find out what might have got itself caught. Well, believe you me, it’s not always quite like that!

It is a while since I put the trap out, but experience tells me that I would expect to catch the occasional Hornet at this time of year, as they too are attracted by the strong mercury vapour light. However, to find 54 Hornets inside the trap this morning came as quite a shock, and as you can imagine, their presence begins to knock the words “gentler and relaxing” for six!

Actually, Hornets tend to be fairly benign I find, sitting together in groups on the egg cartons, waiting to be softly lifted out of the trap and placed on the garden table, so that they can fly off in their own time. Nevertheless, to get this many at one time poses quite a problem, as you are almost bound to knock one of them, however careful you are, and to aggravate any individual tends to send a wave of hostility through the ranks.

Well to cut a long story short, upset them I did, resulting in one of them being quickly nominated to see off this human intruder! It chased me across the garden and into the house, buzzing extremely loudly right behind my right ear. It must have been quite a sight as I arrived at speed into my kitchen, swearing loudly and waving my arms around frantically! What is more, this irate Hornet showed no signs of giving up its quest and now appeared to be going down my shirt collar, resulting in me ripping my shirt off – numerous buttons pinging across the kitchen floor!

Rosie, my little Lurcher, who was curled up fast asleep in her bed, awoke from her slumbers and on seeing this outrageous display of crazed madness, fled in complete panic. (I later found her hiding in the boot room!).

Luckily, the frantic buzzing now came from my button less shirt lying on the floor, so that after a few seconds of manic stamping on the unfortunate garment, all fell silent.

Later in the day I managed to take a look at the Moths that I had caught. Nothing that exciting, but a lovely Frosted Orange brightened up the day somewhat!

Despite all this frenetic activity first thing on a Sunday morning – I do still like Hornets as they are noble beasts. My Lurcher on the other hand, is still viewing me with much suspicion!


A beautiful Frosted Orange moth made it all worthwhile in the end!!

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