Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Have you been on a GWCT shoot walk lately? If not - you should try it!

A GWCT shoot walk in Surrey: A warm sunny evening on a beautiful estate - most enjoyable! 
Edward and Lulu Hutley kindly hosted an evening for the GWCT this week, showing us around their delightful estate at Bramley in Surrey. Around 40 people enjoyed looking at the fantastic terrain, made up of hills and valleys, with little copses dotted about here and there. Closer inspection shows however, that these little woods had been specifically laid out to show quality birds over the guns in the valleys below.

We walked into a number of woods to discuss the on-going management of opening up the canopy to allow light onto the woodland floor so as to encourage natural shrubby growth. We also chatted about coppicing and shrub planting - all the things that Pheasants and other wildlife require to thrive within a woodland habitat.

The estate also has a number of impressive fishing lakes enabling an incredibly varied discussion ranging from fish, duck, dragonfly and Mink control.

This was the first time I had visited the estate and I must say - it is a little hidden away gem!
Following all the discussions and debates on the various habitats across the estate, one thing quickly became apparent on returning back to the house - the Hutleys certainly did not need any advice whatsoever on how to entertain their guests!!

We were treated to an enormous hog roast and delicious local beer brewed just down the road, while sitting overlooking yet another lake.

People sometimes say to me "you have such a lovely job, it can hardly seem like work" which can occasionally grate somewhat as you sit in a queue on the M25! However on this particular evening, they were spot on - all pleasure!!

So, thank you Edward and Lulu for your wonderful welcome and for sharing your beautiful little bit of England with the rest of us!

PS: There are plenty of GWCT walks to attend across the country, so why not go click here and find out what is near you.
Picture speaks for itself  - delicious!

A wonderful way to round off a most enjoyable evening. 

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